The extent and frequency of natural events such as storms, floods and earthquakes in Germany are not as extreme as in other parts of the world, but losses running into the billions of Euros caused by natural events occur again and again. This is due above all to the high population density and the concentration of values. Possible damage for humans and infrastructures can be considerably reduced by suitable risk analyses and management, e.g. by early warning and emergency response before the occurrence of an event.

CEDIM Risk Explorer Germany is a web-based map series which interactively presents the results of the risk map for Germany developed in CEDIM. The Risk Explorer allows users to find out more about hazard, vulnerability and risk due to natural and man-made hazards in maps. For Germany, information about winter storms, earthquakes and floods as well as aircraft crashes and incidents at atomic power plants is included. The estimated economic damage caused by natural hazards can be shown. By interactively selecting regions in the map or by entering postcodes, the estimated values for the respective area can also be displayed.

Text: Dr. Ute Münch, review Dr. Heidi Kreibich, GFZ

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