For the first time a large amount of marine research data sets from nationally operated research platforms and monitoring facilities are made searchable and accessible through a single portal.

The “Data Portal German Marine Research” aims at offering an integrative "one-stop-shop" framework for coherent discovery, visualization, download and dissemination of marine research data (vessels, observatories, alert systems, etc.). The content originates from distinct data and publication repositories offered by German marine research institutions ranging from cruise-related metadata to reports, publications, data (archived and near real time) and data products.

To improve services and content of the prototype we would like to receive your feedback on its potential utility for your research. Please use the data portal according to your requirements and leave your suggestions via our feedback form.

The Data Portal for German Marine Research is a product of the Marine Network for Integrated Data Access (MaNIDA) funded cooperatively by the Helmholtz Association together with the partner institutes.