Geological natural hazards and risks have an increasing impact on our daily life. Whereas industrial nations are developing early warning systems and discuss counteractions and better adaptation strategies mainly to minimize the economic loss, is the improvement of the living conditions and better chances of survival urgently needed for the developing countries.

But not every natural hazard can be early enough detected or even predicted. However there are constructional solutions possible to avoid destruction and reduce damages as well as a good organized civil protection and emergency management to save lives. Suitable sensor and early warning systems are meanwhile available or at least in the development to trigger an alarm or signalize the exceeding of a threshold. Precaution and recue activities can bepassed into action.

The risks of various natural hazards, technological innovations for early warning systems, background and basis knowledge about natural hazards as well as actual events, pictures, reports, data are provided.

Geological natural hazards are for example earthquakes, land slides, sinkholes, volcanic eruptions and tsunami.

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